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Windshield Repair Course – Module 3: The 12 Steps of Windshield Repair

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In Module 3, Matt walks through the 12 steps of effective and thorough windshield repair. Upon purchase, you’ll receive the videos for download.

Expand your side hustle and learn Windshield Repair online. Not only will you acquire skills that are in constant demand, but this is your opportunity to learn from the best. Clear Solutions Trainers are more than teachers, they’re thriving business owners, offering their experience to help you succeed.

After the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and maintain access to course materials online for life! Clear Solutions offers all of the tools, both windshield and marketing, to build your business and be successful.

With millions of cars on the road, repairs are inevitable meaning you’ll learn a highly profitable skill with low upfront costs. If you’re ready to start earning more, this course is for you!

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The Clear Solutions Canada Windshield Repair Course series is a digital version of the Windshield Repair Training offered by Clear Solutions. With 5 modules covering the theory of windshield repair, the equipment used, the 12-steps covered in a thorough windshield repair as well as tricks and tips, this 2.5 hour-long series will leave you equipped with the knowledge and resources you need to perform your own windshield repair.

With a good theory foundation, Matt dives into the 12 steps of windshield repair. Going step-by-step throughout the whole process, we learn exactly how to perform a high-quality windshield repair you and your customers can be proud of.

You can purchase this Module individually, or as a part of a package.


Upon purchase, you’ll receive the video for download. This purchase grants you solely license for use. 

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