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Mobile Pro Double Bridge Windshield Repair System

36020 EZ-300D

The double bridge EZ-300D Mobile Pro Windshield Repair System is designed for the serious technician who does a high volume of repairs. This double bridge system allows you to work on two repairs simultaneously and also includes everything you need to repair all types of windshield rock chip damage. Easily handle a simple chip repair to the more complex combination break and crack repairs.

The Mobile Pro system includes two new and exclusive B250 repair bridges with I-100 injectors. Both the bridges and injectors carry Delta Kits Limited Lifetime Warranty. And for the first time all Pro series systems come with the multi-functional Spring Hammer, a Delta Kits original. The Spring Hammer is a three-in-one tool that includes a probe, depth gauge for drilling, and spring loaded hammer used in crack repair.

If you’re a mobile technician that wants to offer a full range of windshield repair services, this is the windshield repair system for you.

The EZ-300D Mobile Pro Windshield Repair System includes:

o    B250 Bridges with I-100 Injectors
o    12 Volt UV Curing Lamp
o    12 Volt, 2.5 Amp Battery and Charger
o    Comprehensive High Definition Training DVD
o    Custom Foam Fitted Toolbox
o    4.8 Volt Rechargeable Drill with Charger
o    Magnibond Fill Resin, 2 bottles
o    Premium Pit Plus Resin
o    Premium Pit Polish
o    Inspection Mirror with 3x Magnification
o    Spring Hammer Combo Tool
o    Injector Centering Tool
o    Dust Blower Chip Cleaner
o    Tapered Tip Carbide Burs
o    Round Tip Carbide Burs
o    Molded End-Seals for 1-100 Injector, 10 seals
o    Curing Tape, 100’
o    Curing Tabs, 100
o    Industrial Strength Razor Blades
o    Steel Wool for Removing Hydrophobic Coatings from Glass
o    Nylon Stick for Release of Vacuum and Suction Cups
o    Safety Glasses
o    Derma Shield Plus Skin Protectant
o    Cleaning Jar for I-100 Injector
o    Straight Pin for Pit Resin Application
o    Chip Saver Marketing Cards

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