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EZ-200S Mini Mobile windshield repair system $591.14

Delta Kits


The EZ-200S Mini Mobile windshield repair system offers big value in a small package. Featuring the Delta Kits On-The-Go Pro Pack, designed to neatly store all of your essential tools in a compact, durable, and well organized pouch, that mounts conveniently on your belt so your equipment is always within reach. The EZ-200S also includes the space saving B150 Bridge assembly and the Ignite LED UV Light, plus enough supplies to complete at least 50 repairs. No other windshield repair system offers so much for such a low price!

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  • 10440 B150 Bridge with Stainless steel spring  Type Injector
  • 12210 Injector End Seals (One Pkg of 5)
  • 14000 Dremel Model 7300 4.8V 
  • 15230 Ignite UV LED Light, Mount, Batteries, and Charger
  • 21000 On-the-Go Pro Pack
  • 22255 Lay Flat Curing Tabs (One Pkg of 100)
  • 22265 Acrylic Inspection Mirror
  • 22420 Industrial Strength Razor Blades (One Pkg of 100)
  • 26020 Tapered .047 Carbide Bur (One Pkg of 5)
  • 30081 Premium Bond 20 Resin with Glass Dropper (One 15 ml Bottle)
  • 30290 Premium Pit Resin (One 15 ml Bottle)
  • 30400 Premium Pit Polish (One 15 ml Bottle)
  • 22105 Double End Scribe
  • 25040 Derma Shield Skin Protectant (One 2 oz Bottle)
  • 21100 Locking Mini Sprayer 3 oz

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