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April Special - Bridge and Resin Combo $372.00

The choice of professional windshield repair technicians worldwide, the Delta Kits B250 bridge assembly is the ultimate windshield repair injection tool. The B250 Bridge is easy to use and clean and low maintenance and is constructed of an unbreakable composite base with stainless steel vacuum cup components. Comes standard with I-100 Spring Type Stainless Steel Injector assembly.

MagniBond windshield repair resin is a low viscosity 18cps injection resin and the industry favorite for well over a decade. Known as the do-it-all resin MagniBond performs extremely well in all weather conditions and all types of breaks.

Premium Pit Resin is a medium-high viscosity 1900cps pit fill resin that is especially well suited for windshield repair in cooler temperatures making it a very good year-round pit resin in many climates. Premium Pit Resin has been an industry favorite for over 3 decades.

Premium Pit Polish is used to add the finishing touch to all windshield repairs and plate glass repairs. It quickly removes razor blade scrape marks from glass repair resin, leaving a perfectly smooth and transparent finish in just a few seconds. Premium Pit Polish also works fantastic on all glass, plastic and acrylic surfaces


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